Donation Request

Donation Request Form

Having first made ‘thank you payments’  to the various attraction providers and event assistants, and having set aside a contingency fund for subsequent Fayre; the Staple Country Fayre Committee then decides on the funding to be allocated to the  local community groups and organisations.


This is achieved via donation request forms, issued before the Fayre.  (Usually in printed form in 'The Escallop'.)


Would-be recipients are  required to state the amount of money they require, as well as indicating the specific purpose(s) for which the money will be used. Applications will be considered from any of Staple Parish’s bona fide groups and organisations.


Where the total amounts requested exceed available funds, donations are based upon the merit of each request; and factors such as the number of people benefiting from the donation / the organisation's own level of funding and their involvement with the Fayre etc are taken into consideration when deciding upon the size of the donations.

To be considered for a donation, please complete the form below:  Donation Requests Should be Made by 22nd June 2024