The planning and organising of every Fayre is carried out by the Staple Country & Craft Fayre Committee.  But without masses of help from a dedicated group of ‘non-committee’ individuals, the Fayres would never get off the ground!


This small army of helpers has been made up of much the same group of

individuals for many years; although recently, we’ve added a few new members / lost a few members.  The 2022 crew are:

Vanessa Nedderman & Her Team:

This year Vanessa and her team will be running the Produce Show.


Rex, Georgie & Their Team:

Rex and Georgie are invaluable members of the ‘non-committee team’ - and every year they and their team provide manpower, parking facilities, pre-event publicity, equipment and a great deal more.



Jo Bennett, Billy Morgan, Nicky Phelan & Friends:

Jo, Billy, Nicky and co. man one of the Fayre’s most successful and profitable attractions: the barbecue.


Russ Timpson &  Friends:  Run the popular (and profitable!) Beer Tent.


Trevor Bartlett, Andy Ragett, Pat Heathfield & Team

Collectively, these are our ‘Refreshment Crew’ - and every year, their invaluable help ensures that The Refreshment Hall (an integral part of every Fayre); is one of the most successful and profitable elements of the Fayre.



Dave Kirk:  Organises the P.A. facilities, helps with marking out the field/setting up etc.



Richard & Bonnie Barber: Every year Richard and Bonnie run the Bowl for a Pig stall.



Michelle Beer, family and friends: Are The Cake Stall Crew’!


Penny Tester* & Team: Will be running the Grand Draw.


Neil Bennett*, Tim Beggs and Anton: Will be running the Pimm’s Bar.


Carol Kirk*: Will be running the Bric-a-Brac stall.

Nobby & Lucy Jarmaine:  Will be running the Books & CD's Stall.


Staple Pre-School: Will be running the Coconut Shy.

Parent & Toddler Group:  Will be running the Toy Stall.

* Committe Members