thanet classics

Thanet Classics

Last year, Thanet Classic Cars had the 41 vehicle Classic Car area all to themselves - and it was a total success.  So we've asked them to bring along 41 vehicles again for this Fayre.

Thanet Classics have appeared at our Fayres so many times that they are now a permanent feature of every Staple Country Fayre.

In  addition  to providing rows of lovely old vehicles, Thanet Classics also have an arena spot, where you can find out a little more about many of the vehicles on display.

Thanet Classics is a free to join, family friendly classic car club, serving the South East Kent region.  They are a club of owners and enthusiasts of vehicles over 25 years old.


If you are interested in having fun and enjoying using your vehicles, then  Thanet Classics is the  club for you. It isn’t just a club for the driver, it’s for 'other halves' and families to enjoy too!


Meetings  are  held  on the  first Tuesday of  the  month  at  the Red Arrow Club, Newington Road, Ramsgate CT11 0QX from 7:15p.m.


The Club formed in September 2010, and now has over 400 members. 


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Call 07746 - 227385

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Follow them on twitter: @thanetclassics