As with all recent Staple Country Fayres, the intention for our next Fayre is for it to be as fresh and exciting as possible.  So the 2019 Fayre will be a great mixture of old and new attractions!   If it's popular - it's been left in.  And if it's new and exciting - it's being tried.


Adrian Smith wows audiences of all ages at shows and galas across the country. He has held the UK's Strongest Man title a record three times.


His repertoire includes tearing up phone books, bending six inch nails with his teeth, and pulling vehicles.


There is also a £1,000 challenge. Anyone who is not connected in any way to the bodybuilding circuit or professional weightlifting who completes all the challenges that Adrian performs – to the same standard – will have a chance of winning the prize

Stuart Barnes has travelled to over 100 countries, workikng with wildlife, and his passion for the canine species has enabled him to gain an incredible understanding of everything about dogs

In countryside and corporate shows, Stuart and his team use trained and untrained sheep dogs to herd ducks, amusing and educating the audience about common dog behaviour issues and about how these can be resolved.  The show demonstrates how untrained and badly behaved dogs still have a programmed natural instinct, giving the audience a new understanding of the Way of the Dog.


For Staple's Fayre, Ellie and Lauren will be the Dog Handlers.



For the last three years, we've kicked off the event with live music; and it's worked brilliantly.  In 2016 we had Hotsy Totsy, in 2017 we had Bamboozle, and in 2018 we had The Southern Cruisers.


From the feedback we've received, it was pretty obvious that you wanted The Southern Cruisers back again for the next Fayre.   So we've listended - and have already booked them.


The Cinque Ports Scooter Club and Thanet Scooter Club are combining forces to bring you a brilliant selection of classic scooters.

Thanet Classics.

This ever-popular classic car club will be back - displaying their classic vehicles, and providing us with some arena entertainment.

As the Country & Craft Fayre grew into such a huge and complex event - we simply could no longer stage it without the help of a hard-working, efficient Ground Crew.  For many years this was the excellent Wingham Explorers.  But sadly, they have now had to bow out.  So instead, we now use the equally energetic, and equally hard-working team:  The Broadstairs Vikings.


Magic Al and his crew are now a Staple Country Fayre permanent Fixture!  Juggle-it-All provide a magic show in the afternoon - but their involvement goes much further:  For the entire day, they mingle with the fayregoers, juggling, stilt-walking, performing their magic, and making / handing out balloon creations to the delighted little ones.

The Victory Wartime Band

Back when they were known as The Cinque Ports Brass Ensemble, this brilliant band played for us at a Street Party to Celebrate The Queen's Jubilee.  They were an instant hit - and gave us the idea of installing them as the resident band for our Country Fayres!  They provide the perfect atmosphere for a fun in the sun day out at Staple's Country Fayre.


Having made such an effort to keep everything as professional as possible - we thought we'd apply the same principle to our Fayre's Face painitng. And last year we managed to secure the services of a professional.  - SHELBY JAMES.  And she'll be back for the 2019 Fayre.

Along with Candy Floss,  Ice Creams, Balloons and Magic Shows; Face Painting is an essential part of making the event appealing to children.  So we're delighted that Shelby has once again agreed to provide a Face Painting Stall.


Always very popular with our younger visitors - Traditional Fairground Rides will once again be making an appearance:  Safe  / Good Fun - and like all the Fayre's attractions, very reasonably priced!


There's nothing children like more than little animals!  So they'll just love the Chookeis Farm Stall. Chickens, Rabbits and all sorts of little creatures to see.  Sophie and her team will be on hand to answer all of their questions and to tell them all about the various creatures.

Display Of Military Vehicles.

What better sight to meet Fayre-goers (and prevent rogue parking!) - than a row of fascinating old military vehicles!

For the last two years, instead of being squeezed in between the vintage tractors and the craft stalls, the Military Vehicles have had their own premium spot:  On the borders of the Fayre's entrance road. This proved very popular - so it's back for the 2019 Fayre.

It's pointless shopping around once you'e already found the best!

So once again the collection of Military vehicles is Courtesy of Rex Cadman and Georgie Martin.

It's no use saying 'look out for them' - as you can't miss them - especially as one is a tank!